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Coinmach works with us to tailor each laundry program to meet the needs of a specific property and exceed our clients’ expectations. By offering a variety of equipment and technology upgrades, Coinmach satisfies the demands of varying clientele. As we’ve introduced Smart Card machines into our laundry facilities, we’ve noticed an increase in resident satisfaction and a decrease in vandalism at our properties. More recently, we’ve looked to water and power efficient machines. As we expected, Coinmach provided us several options and helped get the machines into place.

Engaging Coinmach has improved our resident retention and resident services. Coinmach laundry rooms are a clean and functional amenity at our properties and the company’s quick and effective maintenance keeps our residents using the laundry room, ultimately generating reoccurring income at each of our properties.

- Mike Biggs, Regional Vice President Midwest
Lincoln Property Company

Coinmach saves me time and money by doing it all: the company provides our laundry equipment, keeps the machines maintained, collects all the money and sends us our share. The biggest value to me is I just don’t have to worry about it. The best vendor I can have is the one who does what it does and it’s not an issue for me. And Coinmach does that.

We selected Coinmach based on the company’s ability to provide top notch service as quickly as we need it, offer dependable equipment and collect and maximize the revenue from our laundry facilities. Since then, we’ve realized the additional benefits of utilizing the company. Coinmach provides regular reporting showing me what was collected and what the usage was. Through the monitoring system, they can also tell me when I need one more or one less unit before I even know it.

- Mike Clark, Principal/Owner
Alpha-Barnes Real Estate Services

As a prominent management company in New York City we are responsible for residents in more than 26,800 units. Coinmach has been associated with us for more than 15 years because we share similar intentions: to keep our clients satisfied, maintain the equipment and ensure state-of-the-art technologies are available.

The overall value of utilizing Coinmach is the relationship between its representatives and their clients. They are attentive to the needs of their clients in terms of taking care of the facilities, increasing revenue for the property and aesthetically making the environment welcoming to residents. The Coinmach team streamlines our operations by outlining what is appropriate in a new facility, maximizing economic incentives to property owners and ensuring a painless installation.

- Jonathan S. West, President
Charles H. Greenthal Management

Throughout the commercial laundry facility process, Coinmach has worked with us to develop and update contracts, been flexible and instrumental in recommending better installation design and offered generous revenue sharing opportunities. It’s very advantageous to property managers to know there is a recognized and steady revenue stream to count on.

Prior to engaging Coinmach more than 15 years ago, we operated our own systems and were very close to making major replacements. It just didn’t make sense to move forward with our own updates when the opportunity to bring in Coinmach to install and maintain its own equipment made laundry management much easier for us. I haven’t looked back since.

- Brian Keller, Director of Property Services
Oakwood Worldwide

A machine is a machine. It’s the service behind the machine that matters. Coinmach’s service, efficiency, responsiveness and the company’s ‘get it done attitude’ has eliminated any possible concerns. We don’t have any laundry related facility problems. Coinmach has taken the facilities and made them maintenance free, complaint free and grief free.

Coinmach has been versatile in handling our facility requests and needs. The company works with us on everything from designing our common laundry rooms in communities without previous facilities, to providing equipment in the rooms they lease from us, to offering and maintaining equipment in the rooms we lease from them.

- Harrin K. Platzner, LTD., President
Platzner International Group

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